Together with violinist, Emma Llyod, in 2021 we released Strata- an album of improvised music of cello and violin with electronic effects. This is a special release, which was recorded just after we came out of the hard lockdown of Summer 2020. ​ Strata mixes musical layering and cyclical narratives inspired by geological stratification, creating an auditory representation of sedimentary structures through sound. The album's title and each track's nomenclature draw inspiration from geological strata and gemstones, metaphorically representing sedimentary rock layers. It employs layering sounds and looping sequences to echo the formation of sedimentary layers over time. 
In this piece we use Ableton Live and FX pedals for sound processing and sound design.



I am currently collaborating with South Indian violinist, Jyotsna Srikanth, bringing together my influences as a Western (not just Classical) musician, and Jyotsna's expertise as a master in Carnatic tradition. For more information please go to /justyna-and-jyotsna

My other work includes projects with composers and artists from across Scotland. I am always happy to hear from fellow musicians about prospective collaborations or improvisation sessions.  

Below, you will see videos (some just audio) of Zack Moir's composition for Solo Cello, titled "How Does It Work Then?", and a mix of collaborations I did with Simon Thacker together with musicians from other musical traditions.