I draw on my 30 years of studying the cello with some of Europe and Britain's top performers to enable my students to overcome technical obstacles to mastering their instrument, unlock creativity, and ignite musical passion. 

I also tailor my approach individually to each child. I seek ways to instil good practice habits that suit each student whilst making the cello study into a musical journey that fosters self-confidence, musical appreciation, and cognitive development (Gersema, E., 2016).

As a teacher and performer, I've learned how vital it is to find new ways to make classical music exciting and relevant for young people and children. I have done this in my teaching by introducing improvisation, emphasising youth voice and real-time emotions. In a group scenario, I foster the importance of respect and acknowledging individual needs, which builds a sense of compassion in young learners. 

Integrating electronic techniques and multimedia is also hugely important to my performance, a great way to keep young people vitally connected to their instruments and music.  

Instruction will enable pupils to excel at ABRSM and Trinity graded exams, SQA and GCSE exams, but also give opportunities to develop their musicality and prepare them for performance beyond what is offered in schools.  

I am deeply invested in our children's future and education. I firmly believe every child deserves access to music education and opportunities to explore creativity and life skills through music. 


30min - £25 

45min - £40

60min - £50